Benefits of Grooming Your Cat

Cats are some of the most preferred pets in our homes. Mostly, cats can keep themselves groomed and clean. Furthermore, they don’t do a lot of outdoor walks and spend most of their time indoors. Nevertheless, there is a need to regularly groom your medium or long-haired cat for both its health, appearance, and well-being.This is because unattended coat becomes matted, long, and uncomfortable for your pet.

Here are some of the benefits of grooming your cat:

Less Shedding

a cat with well groomed furSome people have allergies that are associated with dust and pollen and allergens that are picked by kitty outside the house. Groomed pets regularly shed less fur because of their healthy coats. Through this, the chances of having allergies are reduced. Additionally, with less shedding, you will spare the time spent dealing with cat hair on your clothes, furniture, and other surfaces. Even if groomed pets  are clean themselves, there are few incidences of having hairballs in your house.

Easier Detection of Abnormalities

Another great benefit of grooming your cat is that you become familiar with the marks on the cat’s skin. When you spot any underlying bumps and lumps on the surface, you can make early medical interventions. That way, cleaning your cat frequently improves the chances of finding strange things early enough.

Minimal Claw Danger

less risk from clawsWhen the cat’s claws are left unchecked, they grow dangerously sharp and long. Nails are in-built weapons since cats don’t trust people easily and are self-protective. Therefore, there is a need to trim them frequently, which is crucial. When left untrimmed, cats can become harmful not only to other pets but also to people in your home.

Furthermore, overgrown nails in the cat’s feet cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Well-kept claws result in less danger to everything around your home, including people. They also affect the comfort of the cat itself.

Prevent Ticks, Fleas, and Mites

Although cats engage themselves in self- grooming, it’s not enough to remove these nasty
parasites. Since the cat’s hair is matted and tangled easily, not only does it become painful and uncomfortable, but it also attracts parasites. When cleaning these pets, you can spot pests and remove them safely. You even decide which other further measures to undertake. Additionally, when you brush your cat’s coat, stimulation, and production of natural oils and their distribution is evenly done. Besides, your pet’s skin and hair stay healthy and moisturized.