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Tips for Making Fine Plunger Coffee

Nowadays, you will hardly miss a coffee plunger in most homes. The fact that they brew a delicious coffee with a fantastic aroma has encouraged many people to buy these excellent machines. Even though many people own the machines, few know how to use them in the right manner.
You can make delicious coffee even with the cheapest of all coffee plungers if you pay close attention. The brewing takes some time, but the end product is elegant with taste and aroma.

Requirements for Making Plunger Coffee

You must have a coffee plunger, ground coffee, and boiling water. Brewing the coffee takes an average of four minutes. The taste of the coffee can vary with the type of plunger used. Make sure you get a premium plunger which are priced at around $20.
Making tasty plunger coffee is an art. If you own a restaurant, you can be making the coffee at the table. Your customers will enjoy not only the amazing taste of the coffee but also its delicious aroma.

Below are some tips for making fine plunger coffee.

Use Medium Coarse Ground Coffee Beans

ground coffee One major mistake many people commit when preparing coffee is grinding their coffee too fine. If you grind your coffee to be fine, you risk over extracting the coffee, even ending up making the coffee taste bitter. If you are not sure how to do it, you can purchase pre-ground coffee. If you are aiming for a fresh coffee full of taste and aroma, then grind the coffee yourself.

Always Use the Correct Measurements

Your coffee lacks taste, maybe because you are not properly balancing your coffee and water quantities. Too much water or coffee or can spoil the taste of the coffee. The standard measurement is using 70g of coffee for one liter of water. Alternatively, you can use one full teaspoon of coffee for a cup of water.

Use Hot Water Not Boiling Water

hot water in a kettleAnother mistake you are probably committing when making your coffee  is using boiling water instead of hot water.When you use boiling water, the ground coffee will be burned, which can release a bitter taste hence spoiling your coffee.

Use the Plunger Carefully

There are a lot of things you can do to make your ground coffee release a bitter taste. Over pushing the plunger is one of them. If you apply too much force on the plunger while trying to separate the coffee from your brew, the ground coffee can be crushed and produce a bitter taste.