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Product Description

The evil overlord of Gothitropolis - Scarabus - and any of the dark Scarabus variant versions can now be yours as 2:1 scaled, hand-cast, fully hand-painted, polyurethane resin busts!

These busts will be individually produced to order for a limited time right in the Four Horsemen’s very own studios and each one will be signed by the whole team at Four Horsemen Studios! Each bust will be individually hand-cast when the order is placed by the Four Horsemen’s incredible molding & casting duo – Shane “Diamond” Dittsworth and Owen “Odawg” Oertling - and hand painted by the Four Horsemen’s amazing princess of the paints – Sherri Lynn Cook!

You’ll be able to choose from any or all of the Scarabus variants – Scarabus (sample image shown – not final), Dormant Form Scarabus, Demon Fire Scarabus, Anubos (sample image shown – not final), Thothos, Horos, Melchom, Nergall, Haures and/or Azazel.

Each bust will be $175.00 (plus shipping & handling), and if you decide to purchase all ten we’ll give you a discount on the entire order of $100.00 bringing to total for all ten busts to only $1,650.00 (plus shipping & handling).

All orders placed by the end of business on Friday, December 2nd will be guaranteed to be shipped and delivered to your house by December 24th, 2011.

Payment for orders will be collected at time of sale or within a day or two afterward.